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How Your Hormones Affect Your Weight

According to Dr. Oz, “You have nine known hormones that tell you to eat more and fourteen that tell you to stop eating.” A correct balance of hormones helps you stay at your perfect weight. But stress, genetics, too little exercise, and too much of the wrong types of food can affect your hormone balance and disrupt dramatically your ability to control your appetite.

We don’t need a PhD in hormones to appreciate how wonderful Xyngular® products are, yet it’s still interesting to learn how Xyngular products help bring them into balance. Here are some of the key hormones and chemical processes that work in your body to help you regulate your weight.


This is a protein secreted by stored fat. It shuts off your hunger and stimulates your body to burn more calories. When your body doesn’t make leptin correctly or you become leptin resistant, you don’t have the main shut-off switch for hunger. You eat and eat and eat and still are hungry. You have to reprogram this hormone by choosing foods that help you feel full longer. The IGNITE meal plans developed by Jim Ayres are designed to create a normal balance of leptin and minimize leptin resistance.

Foods that are high in fructose, like HFCS, are not only a huge source of empty calories, but they keep you from being able to shut off your hunger. They overwhelm your liver, and lead to inflammation not only in your liver but also in your arteries and in your immune system. Eating a diet that’s high in carbs, especially empty carbs makes you leptin resistant and keeps you hungry.


This is the stress hormone. When you are chronically stressed, you’ll have too much cortisol. You won’t be getting enough corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH), which decreases your desire to eat. Elevated cortisol levels also reduces your insulin sensitivity so diabetes becomes more likely. Metabolism slows. Blood pressure rises. There are ingredients in XYNG™ that help you manage stress and stop the dangerous unbalanced cycle of unmanageable stress that leads to weight gain.


Your pancreas secretes insulin so that glucose from your food gets transported into muscle and you have enough energy. Insulin works like leptin. It tells you to eat less. But when you become insulin resistant because of too much insulin pumping through your body, it gradually stops controlling your hunger. The first two days on the IGNITE program drops your insulin to zero because you’re eating nothing but protein. Your body adjusts to a more normal insulin pattern, and your body becomes a fat burning machine.


The more of this hormone you have, the lower your weight and body fat (especially belly fat). It helps your muscles switch on the fat-burning and switch off the appetite. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory hormone that naturally increases the more weight you lose. A high fiber diet and the CHEAT products help turn on adiponectin and normalize this important hormone.


Dr. Oz calls grehlin the “gremlin,” the hormone of hunger. Your stomach and intestines release this chemical when they’re empty. It’s released in waves about every 20 to 30 minutes. Grehlin is a short-term hormone that can easily be trumped by leptin. That’s why you want to keep your leptin high by eating the right kinds of foods (like nuts) if you’re trying to lose weight. You also want to eat small portions and snacks so the “gremlin” of grehlin never has a chance to drive you crazy. By having a LEAN Shake handy at all times, you can keep hunger and cravings from taking over your life while you’re losing weight.

Feel-good Hormones

Hormones like serotonin, dopamine, GABA, nitric oxide and norepinephrine are our feel-good hormones. People who crave “mood foods” find that a crazy, emotional yo yo cycle starts to happen. They eat an empty, quick-energy food like a roll, chips, candy bar, quart of ice cream, bowl of pasta, mountain of mashed potatoes, or soda to get a quick rush of feel good hormones.

The empty starches convert immediately to sugar in your body. So when you eat either sugar or starches you get what some call a “sugar high.” But these foods move too quickly through the digestive tract so you have a “sugar crash” and begin very soon to crave more comfort foods.

IGNITE™ helps you to break the cycle by giving you slow-moving proteins for the first two days, and then introducing you to a balanced protein/carb diet. You learn to choose vegetables, fruits and other foods with plenty of natural plant fiber, healthy fat and protein. Your goal is to keep your feel-good hormones in a steady, balanced state. This minimizes the emotional highs and lows that make you crave empty carbs.

You can also work on greater life balance and emotional control through getting enough sleep, relaxation, exercise, meditation, prayer, etc.

1. Watch for a discussion of some of these hormones in the Dr. Oz show and various weight loss articles and use your understanding to help share information about Xyngular products with those who understand the science.
2. In addition to taking Xyngular products, use the suggestions in this article about reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and eating right. You’ll see your weight maintenance improving.


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How to “Borrow” the Best Xyngular Presentations

When you are new to the business, you may want to start by “borrowing presentations.” You do this by watching the experts and learning: videos on the website, doing 3-way calls with your sponsor, inviting your friends to a conference call (e. g. corporate opportunity meeting), or inviting your mentor to do a meeting for you.

When your mentor does the meeting for you, you’ll start by welcoming and thanking your prospects for taking the time to hear what you know will be so important for them. Tell them your personal success story with the products and opportunity (or borrow success stories from others). Then simply tell your friend(s) how wonderful the person is that they’ll be hearing from and turn the time over to your more experienced mentor. Together you can answer questions and enroll them in the business. It works that way for 3-way calls as well.

There are three ways to learn to master the art of excellent presentations: (1) learn, (2) model and (3) teach.

Even though you may be a great public speaker and be willing to give your presentations on your own right from the start, it’s smart to go through all three of these steps yourself. Why? Because you’ll be training new Distributor of all kinds with many levels of confidence, and you want insure their success. That means going through the process yourself that you’ll want them to go through.

#1: Learning From the Best How To Do Presentations

As a new Distributor, you’re going to be doing a lot of listening and learning. You’re going to want to be on a lot of corporate calls, listen in on a lot of Morning Shows, attend all the Eat N Cheats you can, and do as many 3-way calls as you can possibly schedule with different people in your upline and on your team. You’re looking for the leaders in this business that you want to model. You’ll read about key leaders in the ConneXions and the Momentum, and you’ll pick the most successful to pay closest attention to and follow their lead.

#2: Modeling the Best Presentations

Some top Distributors actually record presentations of the best in the business and listen to them over and over in their cars as they drive around. They learn to model their favorite expressions and their enthusiasm. They even learn to deliver their best jokes.

Modeling is easy if you listen every week to the corporate opportunity calls…or every morning to the Morning Show given by Stan Townsend and his team. These calls just get better and better because the team works together to keep things more and more exciting and lively. They’re modeling each others’ enthusiasm. They’re adding new testimonials as they read about them in the ConneXions. They’re creating real momentum and training all their new people as they go. New people are “borrowing” their enthusiasm … their “music.”

Once you listened to the best presenters over and over, you’re ready to try the presentations yourself. It may feel a bit awkward at first, because you’re breaking into the new world of tailoring each presentation to the needs and interests of your prospects. You’ll be adding your own stories throughout the presentation and making each presentation more personal and compelling. You’ll learn to ask questions to keep your prospects focused and help them understand your ideas better.

#3. Teaching the best presentations

You haven’t become a great presenter until you can teach others to give great presentations. You’ll know you’re ready for this step when you catch others modeling you. Here’s where you start helping others give 3-way calls. You invite your new Distributors to let you do the Eat N Cheats for or with them. When you teach you really begin to master the art of excellent presentations.


1. When you’re starting out as a new Distributor, schedule your life around listening and learning from the best. Schedule your life around weekly conference calls, morning shows and 3-ways calls. And attend every Eat N Cheat and opportunity meeting you can.
2. Get recordings of the best opportunity calls you can and listen to them over and over in your car. You can copy them onto your MP3 player or burn them onto disks from the recorded calls you listen to from the website. Then you can listen to them throughout your day or in your car as you drop the kids off at soccer games. This is modeling.
3. As you recruit, put a lot of emphasis on getting your people plugged in to 3-ways, conference calls, and morning shows. Do a lot of meetings for them and talk afterwards about what they liked best and what questions would add more to the meetings.


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Stan Townsend: I Lost 13 Pounds on IGNITE!

I have been designing diets most of my life. I started with the CORE4™ line before we had labels on the bottles.

Using CORE4 I lost 1.5 inches around the waist in 4 days. I lost 8 pounds in 6 days and 5.4 percent body fat in the first month to 5 weeks.

I knew we were on to something big, and my days of designing diets ended.

I use all the Xyngular® products every day, but had never followed the IGNITE™ System. So I figured if I was going to encourage others to try IGNITE, it is only fitting I experience it first-hand.

After first day on IGNITE, I had lost 5.3 pounds.
After only 6 days I had lost 11 pounds and had lost 3+ percent body fat.

After completing the 8 days on IGNITE I am proud and happy to share my results. I lost 13 pounds and lowered my body fat by 4.4 percent.

It feels so good to reset my metabolism. I look forward to a promising future.

Thank you Xyngular for these amaXYNG products.

- Stan Townsend


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