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"How Xyngular® helped after my weight loss surgery"

As a teenager, I was always a little bit heavier than my friends, always wearing a size or two larger. This didn’t bother me much. However, after the birth of my first child in 1997, I really struggled with my weight. I had gained over 35 pounds during my pregnancy and was at 189 pounds when my son was born. I tried Weight Watchers, Atkins and a low fat diet. I even took Phen-fen for a short period of time. But the stresses of being a mother and wife at the young age of 16 took its toll.

When I became pregnant with my second child in 2001, my weight had ballooned to 225 pounds. During my pregnancy, I actually lost weight, not intentionally but because I had morning sickness all day, every day. The day I delivered my second son, I weighed 12 pounds less than when I got pregnant. However, after he was born, my weight began to creep back up. I continued to yo-yo diet, losing 10-15 pounds with each diet I did, but I was never able to make any of these diets become a true life style change, and I would gain back what I had lost and then some each time. In 2009 my husband and my best friend both underwent weight loss surgery, even though I had voiced my strong opinion against it.

In January of 2010, just one month after my husband had his lap-band surgery, I gave birth to our third son. He was born 6 weeks early and because he was a preemie, I did not want to take him anywhere he could be exposed to germs, especially the daycare at the YMCA. Therefore, I did not lose any of the weight that I gained during the pregnancy, despite my healthy diet.

I began suffering from depression and was put on Lexapro to help me cope with the depression. The Lexapro, although it did help with my depression, made me gain weight and made me have no sex drive. I was miserable and unable to do much about it.

In March of 2011, I decided it was time to look into weight loss surgery for myself. I had hit an all-time high of 252 pounds and my hemoglobin A1C was 5.9, which is considered pre-diabetic. My BMI was 46.1 or morbidly obese.

Other than the diabetes, I did not have any other medical issues. But I have a strong family history of diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease and mental health problems, which all meant it was only a matter of time before I would start developing other problems. My husband had successfully lost over 130 pounds and had no complications from the surgery. I went in and talked with the surgeon and began the pre-op testing. I had an EGD to look at the inside of my stomach and found that I had severe ulcers in the larger part of my stomach. Because of this, I was not able to have the lap-band surgery, but the surgeon suggested a Vertical Gastric Sleeve or VSG. VSG is basically the removal of 85% of your stomach, creating a sleeve instead of a large pouch. The rest of your digestive tract is intact. I decide this was the route I wanted to go and waited for insurance approval.

When I began with Xyngular® in May of 2011, I did it solely for the purpose of gaining more energy. As a nurse working nights, and as a mother raising three boys between the ages of 14 and 1, I was always tired. Working at night and being tired, I would eat to stay awake, which never worked because I always made bad food choices at 4 am. My coworker, Denise, offered me a sample of XYNG™ one night after I asked her how she had SO much energy. After going through my entire shift alert and awake, I was hooked!

My husband ordered me a box of XYNG and I began taking it daily. My housework was done, my laundry folded and put away, and I still had energy to play with my kids. I felt so good, I was able to, with the approval of my doctor, stop taking my antidepressant, which made me feel so much better. I felt human again!

I found out the end of May that I was approved by insurance for my weight loss surgery, and had to make a decision quickly because my surgeon was moving away. Needless to say, I knew if I didn’t have the surgery, I would regret it later. I had to stop taking my XYNG three weeks prior to surgery, and could tell immediately a difference in my energy levels. I was also on a liquid diet including meal replacement protein shakes for those three weeks, and did not have any energy! I lost 13 pounds in those three weeks prior to my surgery, and had my surgery on June 30th, 2011.

After my surgery, I had no energy, and I had developed pneumonia. Within a month, I had lost another 12 pounds, but was so sick from the pneumonia; I could hardly get out of bed. My weight loss came to a halt, and I did not lose one pound for 4 weeks.

I decided it was time to start adding Xyngular products back into my life. I started with the Super Fruit Global Blend™ and the XypSticks™, which, in addition to the antibiotics prescribed by my physician, helped me recover from the pneumonia. As soon as I was cleared to start solid foods again, I began taking my XYNG™ and Accelerate again. My energy levels went through the roof, and my weight loss began again. I was able to function again and recover from my surgery. Slowly, but surely, I lost about one-to-two pounds a week.

The second week in August, my husband developed a complication with his lap-band and had to have all of the fluid removed from his lap-band due to the band slipping down on his stomach. Without the restriction, he began gaining weight back that he had already lost. By the beginning of October, he had gained back 30 pounds and my weight loss was again at another stall. No matter what I did, the scale wouldn’t budge. We decided to bite the bullet and try an 8-day IGNITE™ challenge! During those 8 days, he lost 12 pounds and four inches from his waist, and I lost eight pounds and four inches from my waist! This is when I decided I needed to continue to use all of the products. My weight loss was steady, and I felt so much better!

Since starting Xyngular, I have lost 80 pounds, and over 55 inches, including 14 inches from my waist, and over 12 inches from both my hips and my bust! My lab work for follow up on my gastrectomy, which I have checked every 3 months, has all been stellar! My BMI is now 31.3, almost out of the obese category! I have rediscovered a love for exercise and even joined a local gym. I have begun working out with a personal trainer! My husband was sent out of town on October 31, 2011 for work, and was gone four months. He would come home every three to four weeks and just be in awe at how much weight I had lost.

Our marriage and sex life even saw a boost! We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in California, and I even lost weight while there on vacation! I do not think that I would have survived him being gone so long without Xyngular. My energy levels would not have been as high as they are, and my stress levels probably would have sent me to the looney bin! I would not have been able to take care of myself, plus a 15-year-old and 10-year-old (who are very involved in sports), plus a two-year-old who has a ton of energy! I am able to get down on the floor and play with him even after a full night at work or after working out at the gym. We take walks as a family now and go to the playground. I am able to slide down the slide with my baby so he doesn’t get scared. Before Xyngular, I would not have even fit on the slide.

Even though I had weight loss surgery, it was just a tool. Because I have a normally functioning stomach, I can eat anything I want. I do not suffer from dumping syndrome like most gastric bypass patients do, nor do I experience feeling stuck like some lap-band patients do.

I know that if I ate slow or ate frequently and ate high calorie, high carb foods, I would not lose weight. Xyngular has been a tool to help me follow the diet plan my surgeon and my nutritionist set for me prior to my surgery. I do not regret having my surgery. My only regret is that I didn’t give Xyngular a chance to see if I could lose the weight without surgery.

I have also been blessed to be able to share Xyngular with the people most important to me. My best friend, who also had lap-band surgery, has lost more by taking Xyngular and incorporating the eating plan into her life, than she did with the lap-band. She has told me numerous times that the eating plan just makes sense, like no carbs after 2 pm. Both of her sisters have hit their goal weights using Xyngular, and are now in maintenance.

My mother, my biggest skeptic, had listened to me rave about these products for nine months before she finally gave in. She has been morbidly obese as long as I can remember, is a type-two diabetic, and had to go on disability due to severe osteoarthritis in her hip. The head of her femur, or thigh bone, is basically gone, and she needs to have a hip replacement. However, her doctors won’t do this until she has lost a LOT of weight and is in a healthier state. Since starting Xyngular just a little over a month ago, she has lost over 15 pounds and has been able to stop one of the three medications she takes for her diabetes. She has also cut the dose of one of the others in half. She is still experiencing low blood sugar levels, so she is going to see her doctor this week about stopping all of her diabetes medications! She has been going on and on about how good she feels, how much energy she has, and how she has to remind herself to eat, all thanks to Xyngular.

Thank you for helping me become a healthier, happier mother, wife and person, and for helping those I love do the same! Xyngular has been a God-sent blessing in my life, for both myself and my family!


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“I’m pregnant—to XYNG™ or not to XYNG?”

Congratulations! You’re expecting! Here’s the rule of thumb with the use of our products during this very special time. For you, mom, this is going to be a very unselfish time of your life. You will gain weight. You will eat more; you will be tired, uncomfortable and maybe even irritable. Being a parent is already tough!

During pregnancy and through breast feeding you should only use the products under the approval of your pre and post natal care physician(s).

So let’s start with the products that are not to be used during pregnancy and breast feeding—XYNG. This is a powerful energy-boosting product that could disturb the natural sleep cycles of the baby and therefore, share XYNG with others until you are done breast feeding. The same goes for Accelerate™.

As for products that should be discussed with the primary care physician: #1 should be AXION™. Though action was not developed as a prenatal vitamin, it contains many of the nutrients found in high-quality prenatal vitamins. This multi-nutrient includes food-based nutrients that are beneficial to all bodies. The addition of probiotics in AXION can also help mthers digest food in order to maximize comfort and absorption of nutrients. When using AXION as a prenatal, you should also purchase 400mcg tablets of folic acid (from folate) from any grocery store or pharmacy. The antioxidant protective ingredients of Super Fruit Global Blend™ and/or XypStix™ can also be considered.

The rest of the product line should be discussed with the physician prior to use. Due to our product’s design to help the body control, use and eliminate unwanted calories; they should be used only under the direction of the primary care physician during pregnancy and breast feeding.

- Jim Ayres


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Does eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day really boost your metabolism?

You’ve heard plenty of advice about eating smaller meals more frequently to rev up metabolism. Some studies show a benefit and others don’t.

So which advice should you follow? The theory is that the more often you eat throughout the day, the faster your metabolism, and the more calories your body will burn throughout the day.

The French have what they call the “goûter” around 4 pm. A study in France has shown significant improvement in Body Mass Index (BMI) from this simple habit. The study states:

"The "goûter"… has the biological characteristics of a meal because it is eaten in response to hunger. Suppressing the "goûter" in "habitual fourth meal eaters" soon leads to an increase in Body Mass Index (BMI). Further, people who are regular "goûter" eaters have a higher carbohydrate intake and better metabolic profile than other adults, even though their total energy intake is not greater.

"Increased feeding frequency leads to a reduction in the total secretion of insulin, an improvement in insulin resistance and a better blood glucose control, as well as an improvement in the blood lipid profile.The experts agreed that, as long as we do not consume more energy than we use up and we only eat when we are hungry, it may be useful to split our total energy intake into as many meals as our social pattern allows."

The real benefit shown in this study, according to Dr. Mercola, is improvement in insulin resistance and blood glucose control. He suggests that it helps keep “blood sugar more balanced throughout the day.”

"Snacks, as long as they’re nutritious, of course, could also help you avoid overeating later because you’re ravenous and eat too quickly once you do sit down for a meal. It may also help you stick to healthier food choices in general, since many people tend to reach for fast food or quick and easy processed foods when they’re tired and hungry.

It’s what you eat more than when you eat

You know from following Jim Ayres advice that protein-only days work, and protein-only snacks work to keep that insulin under control and keep your body-burning under control.

Junk food, fast food, and highly processed food spikes your insulin and doesn’t shut off your hunger triggers. It leads to eating far more calories than you need because your insulin balance is out of whack (along with other critical hormones).

Metabolism is the chemistry that goes on silently in your body to turn food into energy or storage. Recently a lot of press has introduced the role of leptin in this process. Both insulin and leptin are critical to health and weight control, not to mention health (especially diabetes).

Insulin works mostly on the cellular level, telling your body whether to burn or store fat or carbs. Leptin tells your brain when to store and when to spend energy… whether your needs more or should burn some off. It controls hunger, a powerful and deep-seated drive that, if it is revved up long enough, will actually force you to eat and store more energy. According to Mercola, "The only way to eat less in the long-term is to not be hungry."

You’ve heard about insulin resistance, but there’s also leptin-resistance. That means your body loses the ability to send hunger signals. You’re hungry even though you’ve eaten plenty of calories. Processed carbohydrates, empty starches, and sugary foods like pasta, rolls, sodas, mashed potatoes, French fries, etc. are the main culprits in making us leptin-resistant.

What really revs up your metabolism?

The best way to boost your metabolism is exercise. You clearly burn more calories because muscle forces you to burn calories, even when it’s just sitting on your bones without moving. Everyone’s metabolism is somewhat different, but as we know at Xyngular®, we can speed it up within a reasonably short amount of time by making diet and lifestyle that involve the types of food we eat, the amounts we eat and when, and the amount of exercise we get.


1. Avoid empty sugary products and processed starches. They’re the main cause of insulin- and leptin-resistance. IGNITE™ trains your body to make that shift to normal hunger and fat burning.

2. Listen to your hunger, and eat a balanced, sensible meal or protein snack when hunger calls. IGNITE gets you in the habit of remembering to eat a sensible (protein) snack when you get a hunger signal. You get used to eating smaller meals, your stomach adjusts to smaller meals, and you normalize your routine.

3. Start a sensible exercise routine that builds muscle, helps your cardio endurance, and stretches your joints to keep you safe from injury.


"Does Eating More Frequent Meals Really Rev Up Your Metabolism?", April 13, 2010.The British Journal of Nutrition
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How to keep Distributors from quitting

Have you ever had one of your Distributors call and say, “I’m ready to quit! This business just isn’t working for me…”

Your mind races to all the hours you spent sponsoring and training that person… driving back and forth, taking their calls, answering endless questions, picking them up for Eat N Cheats, pep talks, dream boards, contact lists…

Then they have the nerve to call and say they’re through!

Your choices: depression or fury? Well… there are other choices …

You can try to coax, manipulate, and plead to try to convince them that Xyngular® really does work… it will give them what’s on their dream board if they actually work the business and stop talking about doing the business or planning to do the business.

Or… you can show and prove to them that doing small, manageable, daily actions actually works to make them money.

Which one do you think will work the best?

Simple actions, consistently done, compounded over time

When daily actions and decisions “compound,” a wonderful thing starts to happen… they make money. The key is knowing which simple actions to show and do with your new Distributors, and what to track.

Start with the fundamentals: contacts, follow-up, 3-way calls, etc. If just these first 3 are in place, money starts to flow. The key is to make sure that all three are done every single day before their head hits the pillow at night. It’s not enough to tell them, “Just get out there and do it!”

They need a simple tracking system and accountability list that prompts consistent action and asks the right questions, like “Are you making enough contacts with new people? Are you following up enough? Are you doing enough 3-way calls?” And after they’ve recruited a bit, you’ll ask… “Are you giving enough demonstration training to your new Distributors?”

Any simple tracking system, consistently used, will tell you the answers you need. You’ll do these together at first and check them off, then they’ll start reporting regularly. They simply check off their business-building actions as the day passes, and at the end of the day send their report via e-mail, text, Facebook, voice mail, etc. Soon it starts happening once a week. Then they get their team to use it.

The best thing about accountability and clear tracking is knowing exactly where you’re headed. You don’t have to guess. You don’t have to worry about wasted efforts or wasted time.

An effective tracking system can be as simple as a list of actions or a table with a few simple numbers reported. Please don’t make it too complicated.

Accountability and tracking takes all the excuses out of training your team and charts a straightforward course toward a huge downline and exceptional daily Xyngular checks.


1. Start with an accountability partner of your own. Figure out together what key fundamental actions make all the difference in your success and how you want them reported to each other.

2. Then start your favorite accountability tracking system with your team. Experiment with all the different media until you find the one that works best for all of you. Talk it over as a team, and make it as easy as possible for everyone. Make sure if it’s publically reported that it’s used for celebration not punishment or intimidation. Never give up until you have a system that works.


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How to cut through information glut and communicate with your key team players

We’ve all heard the complaints, “nobody opens e-mails anymore,” “Facebook only gets through to the social media junkies,” “my team won’t get on our conference calls,” “I have to send texts or voice mails to get any reaction,” and on and on.

Communications have morphed so much in the last few years that we’re all scratching our heads wondering if anyone or anything we say can cut through the information glut we’re all experiencing. Busy, part-time Distributors with full-time jobs have a hard time taking it all in, especially if it gets redundant or has little relevance to their success.

Here’s our take…The glass is half full. Today there are many more ways to communicate easily and affordably than ever before. All we have to do is (1) provide truly useful messages so people will always want to hear it and even look forward to it, and (2) send it out in all the ways people like to connect.

You can’t just write a simple e-mail any more. There has to be a Facebook post, preferably with a before-and-after picture and maybe even a video. A short Twitter statement great headline and a link will work in some cases. More and more leaders are using their inexpensive video cameras to make one-minute “talking head” announcements and sending them out. Of course, texts and voice messages often get through when nothing else does.

Training Programs

The days of intensive trainings for new Distributors are not over, they just need to be broken into compelling bite-sized pieces that don’t take too long in one session. They need to give new Distributors only what they need to start earning money right away. Then you can drip training on them by talking about and promoting Conference Calls and your favorite ConneXion™ articles. This can drive personal development and leadership training, which is essential for your team’s success. All training and communication has to be short, easy to scan, multi-media if possible and exciting to share.

Some people can’t stand to read any more. Others don’t have time for lengthy voice messages. They’d rather read something quickly and get it over with. They love bulleted lists they can scan quickly. Some love listening to CDs and MP3s in their car as they commute. Others love the energy and excitement of conference calls, especially recorded ones. Some will only check smart phone messages or voice mail…when they have time.

How do you plug in your team and keep them excited? Don’t try to do it all yourself. Take advantage of all the ways Xyngular reaches out…Facebook, Twitter, ConneXions, Momentums™, Conference Calls, events, etc. Glance through it all every time it comes out, and pick the most compelling stuff. Call and talk with your key team members, and invite them to share with their teams.

Keep reading and listening. Listen to recorded calls regularly. You can stay connected now better than anyone in the history of our industry could in all the decades before.


1. Build communications networks within your team so you don’t have to personally call or leave text messages for everyone.

2. Create files of the best ConneXion and Momentum articles you want to use for your team communications. Send links with quick notes by email, Twitter or on Facebook when you see something great. It has to get circulated with a quick personal endorsement or it may never be noticed.

3. Train your new Distributors to send in testimonials with before-and-after pictures. If they do it on Facebook to promote their business, encourage them to send it to the home office as well. If they’re involved in corporate communications, they’ll be more likely to check the ConneXions regularly.

4. nvite your team to participate with their own success stories on conference calls. Everyone is more likely to listen if there are lots of compelling stories from all types of people.


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Study shows US obesity is much worse than we thought

Based on the traditional measurement of Body-Mass Index (BMI), about one-third of Americans are obese. But new research shows that using more accurate, health-adjusted measurements of obesity, that number may be closer to 60 percent. BMI only calculates weight related to height but says nothing about body fat percentage or where fat is located. When you measure your waist circumference and your body fat percentage, you get a much more accurate measurement of your risk of obesity-related diseases. You also have a better fix on your overall health.

In the United States, two-thirds of the states have obesity rates higher than 25 percent. Twelve states are over 30 percent. But that’s only by the Body-Mass Index (BMI). When they measured body fat percentages among 1,400 people, researchers found that nearly 40 percent of those who had a BMI classification of being overweight were actually now considered obese by their percentage of body fat.

According to lead author Dr. Eric Braverman, “Based on BMI, about one-third of Americans are considered obese, but when other methods of measuring obesity are used, that number may be closer to 60%.”

BMI neglects to factor in your muscle mass. Fit athletes and people who are completely out of shape can have surprisingly similar BMI scores. A really muscular person could even be classified as “obese” using BMI.

Also the location of the fat on the body is more important than the amount of fat when it comes to measuring many health risks, such as heart disease.

A better way to gauge your weight health

A simple, inexpensive option is to measure your waist circumference, a key measurement for visceral fat, a dangerous type of fat around internal organs. Excessive visceral fat is linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Excess visceral fat can also cause inflammation, damaging arteries and your liver. It affects metabolism, raises your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, vascular disease and atherosclerosis (hardening of your arteries).

Here’s how to measure your waist using a tape measure. Figure the distance around the smallest area of your abdomen. Make sure the tape measure is below your rib cage but also above your belly button. Here’s the general guide.

• For men, between 37 and 40 inches is considered overweight, and more than 40 inches is considered obese.
• For women, 31.5-34.6 inches is labeled overweight and more than 34.6 inches is considered obese

Measure Your Body Fat

You can also measure body fat percentage using a skinfold caliper. A high body fat percentage is an indication of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Essential fat required for basic health (less is considered unhealthy)

Conditioned athletes

Considered healthy and fit

Acceptable percentages

  Women (% fat)





32% or higher

Men (% fat)





25% or higher

You can use skinfold calipers to measure body fat. A trainer at your gym will show you how to measure it in three specific locations on your body.


1. A great place to find clients for Xyngular is at the gym. Talk about some of the most interesting facts in this article with friends there and see what happens.

2. Post waist measurements guidelines in short Facebook messages. Share what they mean for obesity and health. Tell stories about friends who made it out of the danger zones by using Xyngular systems.


Time Healthland. April 3, 2012

Journal of the American College of Cardiology. May 10, 2011; 57(19):1877-86

"New Study Shows Obesity Rate Is Actually Far Worse than Previously Recognized," April 21, 2012 


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“My husband became part of the Xyngular family and won second place in the 90-Day Body Transformation Challenge”

Anthony Hatch is the second place winner of Xyngular’s 90-Day Body Transformation Challenge, earning $500 plus an IGNITE™ package

My husband Anthony’s weight, as of this morning is 281.6, that’s 28 pounds less than he was when he started IGNITE in February. I am so happy for him.

I signed up in November, and in February we were at the corporate offices sitting with Bob in Customer Support getting my orders in.

Anthony had been very supportive but had not shown any interest in doing the IGNITE system himself. He had been taking XYNG™ and AXION™ and loved them, but he loved his food so he didn’t want to try IGNITE.

While I was placing my orders, he leaned over to me and quietly said, “Will you get me a kit?”

I said, “WHAT?!?”

He said again “I want a kit.”

I started to laugh and ask him if he was going to dedicate himself to the system and stick with it. The products mean way too much to me to have them wasted.

He agreed that he would dedicate himself to IGNITE.

I leaned over to Bob knowing he had heard the whole conversation and said, “Bob, you heard that. You are my witness.” Bob chuckled and added another kit to the order.

We got home and Anthony’s kit sat for about a week before he started.

Today Anthony is down from about a 48 pant size to a 42. He has lost 28 pounds since mid February. His stomach shrinks every day. On his off days it pokes out, and he always says, “I just don’t feel as good on my off days.”

That’s right. He is addicted to the good feeling IGNITE provides.

His gout is gone, he is off his depression medication, he sleeps better at night and he is doing so much better in his college classes. He tells me all the time, “it’s so much easier to focus.” He is more patient, he works extra hours at work and this week he has felt so good that he has gone to the gym twice already!

I love that he has become part of the Xyngular® family!

- Esther Hatch (winner of the March 90-Day Body Transformation Challenge)


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Cheat+™ Now Available for Sale!


Calorie, Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Control Formula*

Cheat, Xyngular’s revolutionary calorie-reducing food sprinkle, has helped thousands of people lose thousands of pounds by eliminating calories on the meals you eat. However, sprinkling Cheat on liquids such as soup or beverages causes them to become lumpy. Plus, sometimes people simply forget to Cheat when they eat. Now, thanks to Cheat+, those problems are a thing of the past.

Cheat+ provides the original Cheat formula in a capsule form, but with a few new additions to help improve your overall health. Simply take a Cheat+ capsule 30 minutes before a meal and then enjoy, knowing you’re cutting calories.

In addition to using the Konnyaku fiber to cut calories, Cheat+ includes green coffee bean to regulate blood sugar, and phytosterols that can help control your cholesterol.

Now you can CHEAT on any food at any time—no sprinkles needed!


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“Congratulations to the winners of the 2012
90-Day Body Transformation Challenge”

The top three winners in the men’s division are:

Jay Einhorn who won $1000, an IGNITE™ package and 2 AXION™

Second Place is Anthony Hatch who won $500 and an IGNITE™ package.

Third Place is Rajat Gulati who won $300 and an IGNITE™ package.

The top three winners in the women’s division are:

First Place is Kim Lapo who won $1000, an IGNITE™ package and 2 AXION™.

Second Place is Suzanne Peterson who won $500 and an IGNITE™ package.

Third Place is Marion Quintana who won $300 and an IGNITE™ package.

Look for individual stories in upcoming ConneXions!


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                  XYNGFLING 2012 Rocked Orlando!

With XYNGFLING Orlando in the rear-view mirror and XYNGFEST in Vegas coming up, we wanted to recap what was, in the words of Xyngular President Marc Walker, “Truly an epic event that will build the next generation of Xyngular leaders.”

With so many highlights from Orlando, it’s hard to choose just a few—the whole weekend was a highlight! Here are a few of our favorite moments:

Thursday night, Xyngular Distributors organized opportunity meetings in both English and Spanish. Both meetings were very well attended and resulted in new enrollees.

At the English meeting, Xyngular Product Formulator Jim Ayres presented, along with Platinum Directors Cala Stadel and Freddy Elias. “The meetings left everyone who attended feeling energized and excited,” said Xyngular Marketing Director John Harmston. “It was a perfect opening to a great weekend.”

The Spanish opportunity meeting was attended by large groups of Xyngular Distributors from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Spanish-speaking Distributors from around the United States as well.

Thursday night also included the Director Invitational, where new Xyngular Directors are flown to meet one-on-one with President Marc Walker and COO Glen Oliver. Part of Xyngular’s Passport Program, the Director Invitational is an exciting time for new leaders to analyze their businesses and plan for the future. After the meetings, the new Directors were taken to an exclusive Greek restaurant, where everyone sang and danced the night away over handmade hummus and lamb.

At Friday’s welcome reception, Xyngular Distributors were greeted by Marc Walker as well as several super-achieving Distributors. Then, karaoke ruled the night, with surprisingly little hesitation! As COO Glen Oliver said, “Our opening social was so much fun because it united all of us. Everyone had fun as a big ‘One team, one dream’ family, and it was great to see.”

Saturday was packed full of excitement and inspiration. One of the highlights was Xyngular releasing four new sales tools videos:

First was the Welcome to XYNGFLING: Orlando video
Next, Xyngular’s We Are Oneopportunity video
Third, the Cooking With Cheat video gave great new ideas on using Cheat
Last, the video for Cheat+, Xyngular’s newest product, nearly brought the house down. As one Distributor put it on Facebook, “This is an answer to everyone’s prayers!”

As Jim Ayres described, Cheat+ takes the incredible power of Xyngular’s Cheat food sprinkle and puts it in capsule form. This way, you can Cheat on liquids like soup and drinks! Also, Cheat+ has added phytosterols for cholesterol regulation and green coffee bean for blood sugar regulation. Cheat+ will be available for ordering starting the beginning of May.

The rest of Saturday was filled with inspirational stories and testimonials from Xyngular’s top leaders. Kristi Welch, who recently had 5 team members hit the Xtreme Builder Bonus, described the huge help Xyngular has been to her life, both health-wise and financially.

Tito Marichal, who has currently lost over 200 pounds with Xyngular’s products, gave an emotional description of the way his life has changed. As his body has shrunk, Tito’s business (and wallet) have grown!

Glen Oliver discussed the incredible growth of Xyngular, with each of the last 6 months being bigger than the last. “We are on a huge growth curve,” said Glen, “And we are just getting started. The momentum we’re building is just incredible to see.”

And, Xyngular announced the iPod Shuffle promotion, which runs through April 30th, as well as the new Getting Started Guide, which is available in Back Office as a PDF, or to purchase as a hard copy.

"The new Getting Started Guide is going to be a huge help in getting Distributors off the ground quickly when they first start their business," said Director of Sales Mario Brown. "We can’t wait to see the success that comes from using the guide to build quickly."

Overall, XYNGFLING was a huge success and left all who attended with a better vision of Xyngular’s future and a greater sense of excitement and purpose.

"The reason we have Xyngular meetings like XYNGFLING is to allow our Distributors to see what we see and gain a vision for the future," said Marc Walker. "Ultimately, the goal is to have everyone go home with greater fire and passion, and be even more effective in building their business, and XYNGFLING accomplished just that."


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What to eat after you work out

After a cardiovascular workout wait a half hour, and then have a high quality protein meal or snack like a LEAN Shake. If it’s time for a meal, have something like a spinach salad and some grilled chicken breast. Or if it’s breakfast have eggs or yogurt and fruit. The reason you want to wait for a half hour after your exercise is to keep your body in the fat burning mode connected to your exercise. If you wait more than an hour you’ll start to slow down your metabolism because your body goes into starvation, fat-storage mode.

After a weight-bearing workout you’ll want a different approach… you’ll want your calories to be absorbed rapidly. Why? Because after a resistance workout, you have about an hour to get nutrients in to help repair your damaged muscles. If you miss feeding your muscles during this hour, their ability to repair themselves and grow stronger will drop off dramatically.

After an intense workout, your stomach and digestive tract won’t function as efficiently as it will later. It takes a lot of blood flow to do its job. If you’ve just exercised, a lot of your blood is still in your muscles. That’s why the best post workout meal on weight-bearing-exercise days is a protein shake like LEAN and a starchy carbohydrate like a banana. The banana your easily-digested carb, and with the shake they are both absorbed quickly. Have your fast-release post workout meal within 15 to 30 minutes of your intense weight training session.

When you’ll start adjusting your timing for these fitness meals, you’ll feel your clothes starting to fit better within a few weeks. A healthy fitness lifestyle is the only true fountain of youth. Train hard and eat wisely and you can expect success.


1. Stock up on plenty of LEAN Shakes for your post exercise meals.

2. Prepare a shopping list so you always have the right kinds of meals available after your exercise, even when you need to work out at an unexpected time during the day.


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Be an 80/20 leader

Being a leader means facing reality.

You sometimes hear a Distributor say, “those people in my team shouldn’t be so lazy.” We’ve learned that statements like that are a waste of energy. Lazy people are supposed to be lazy. That’s why we call them lazy. You wouldn’t expect them to be anything but lazy. You’d be naïve to let that upset you. It’s better to just go out looking for the ones that aren’t lazy.

What if someone cuts in front of you in traffic? You can go after her, shaking your fist. But that’s just a waste of emotions. It’s something you can’t change.

You can lose a lot of sleep as a leader worrying about why there are people who act the way they do. It’s better to just understand the 80/20 rule: learn to spend 80 percent of your effort and energy on the 20 percent of the people who deserve your time and 20 percent on the 80 percent who don’t.

On any team, it’s typically 20 percent of the people who really build your business. They usually don’t demand much of your time because they’re out there working. But a little extra time with spent with them brainstorming, setting goals, and planning goes a long way to motivate them to do even better. That’s good leadership sense.

You want to learn to spend individual, quality time with these folks and group time with the 80 percent who are not motivated, don’t really want to grow the business and have other things on their goal list. It’s not their fault, and trying to coax, drag and manipulate will just annoy them. It won’t work. Spend group time with them, tell them you love them and identify those you really want to work with.

The trouble is, those who produce only 20 percent of your business will want 80 percent of your time. They’re the ones who demand individual time. So you’ll have to learn to be diplomatic and train them to communicate with you by email with their questions and let you answer their questions on group calls. They’re going to pull you into individual time if you’ll let them, but it won’t be good for them or your business. They need to earn your time.

If you learn to work with your team this way, you’ll push your top 20 percent even higher and raise the bottom 80 percent higher too because of the terrific example of the 20 percent.


1. Make a list of your team members above and below you in your organization. Pick out the 20 percent who accomplish 80 percent of the work and plan your schedule to spend 80 percent of your leadership time with them.

2. Manage yourself to give group time to the 80 percent you do only 20 percent of the work.


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How to get the most out of the training resources Xyngular offers

In any area of success, there are probably a half-dozen things that will be your greatest reasons for success. Your Xyngular® business is no different. It’s built on fundamental laws, not the luck of the dice. To get lucky would be the worst thing that could happen to you in this business, because you wouldn’t know how you got there. You wouldn’t be able to teach the steps to success to anyone, and your downline couldn’t make it happen for themselves. You couldn’t duplicate a uniform system, and this would kill your growth.

In the networking industry specific activities always comes before results. And in your Xyngular business, you can expect your income to follow proven, correct activities within 30 to 90 days.

At Xyngular we have a simple, easy-to-follow way to help you grow your business. You will want to track your actions on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and, if you wish, project results based on your level of activity. You will learn to troubleshoot your business when and if the results aren’t quite where you want them to be.

We have systems to plug into so you can quickly become independent and self-reliant. Even if you don’t have the experienced “upline support” you feel you need, the company with its conference calls, ConneXions, online tools and regional meetings can become the “success coach” you’re looking for.

We understand that each person who enrolls has differing levels of time, energy, self-confidence, desire, and talent. That’s why we’ve made the system easy to adapt to each specific level. Start from where you are. Believe in the unique abilities and circumstances you have been given and give yourself the necessary time to get the results you desire.

Listen to live and recorded conference calls as often as you can, especially when you feel you have reached either an exciting, positive period in your business or a discouraging downturn. You need to listen in times of great success so you can make sure your excitement doesn’t take you off the proven tracks of our business. You need to listen in the down times so you can identify the principles you may have drifted away from that may have caused the downturn.

Stephen Covey teaches that we all have to think like pilots. Pilots are off course a large percentage of the time and are forced to continually make little course corrections. Our training calls and ConneXion™ articles are designed to help you make these little course corrections and warn you against major distractions that could take you completely off course and ruin your business. You may need to keep a file of the most important articles and review them often with your team. You should never run out of material for encouragement and training on team calls.

Most people get a lot more out of on-the-job training in actual business situations than they ever do in school. You probably won’t learn some things from your training calls and ConneXion articles until you are actually failing and discouraged. Then you’ll listen and read one more time and recognize the need to conduct your business according to the key, proven principles we teach.

So even though you may think you understand what you are learning the first time through, you will need to listen and read over and over to recognize the key points you’ll miss the first time through because of lack of experience. Even though you may have heard some training topics a hundred times, you’ll say to yourself, “I don’t remember hearing that before.” It’s because your experience changes your and opens you up to a whole new way of being.

The fastest way to learn is to follow a process called PLAN-DO-REVIEW. High-energy people are eager to earn a lot of money quickly. They have great goals and high standards, and that’s good. But bright, quick learners too often give our articles and training calls a quick overview, then all they do is do and do and do and do without stopping to review and then plan.

You will want to take time to read and do the ACTION STEPS in each ConneXion article. To maximize your training, you have to review and perfect constantly. You can only make money in this business if you are on a constant search to become better and better at what you do. That’s what keeps you excited and growing.


1. Schedule your life around Training Calls and listen to them every week either the pre-recorded calls at a time that is convenient for you or the live calls.

2. Always take time to read the ConneXion articles and once a month the Momentum Magazine. Take the ACTION STEPS seriously and share them with your team to keep them excited. Make these ideas your own by adding your own special creativity.


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What does it really cost you to eat cheap junk food?

In 2010, the average family in America spent a little over 9 percent of their income on food. That’s 5.5 percent eating at home and 3.9 percent eating out. In the 1960s that percentage was 17 percent. In 1930 it was 24 percent. People in most other countries now spend more than 18 percent of their income on food.

Cheaper food may seem like a great benefit, but while we save a few dollars on our meals, we’re paying far more in our health. Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma said it well:

"Cheap food is an illusion. There is no such thing as cheap food. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere. And if it isn’t paid at the cash register, it’s charged to the environment or to the public purse in the form of subsidies. And it’s charged to your health." You either pay a little more now for quality, healthy food or you pay later. In terms of healthy food, you get what you pay for in health and energy.

Why are Americans so fat and sick?

It’s the quality of the food. For many fresh produce is hard to find but processed food is everywhere. If you eat mostly $1 burgers and super-size soda, your food may be cheap, but your health care expenses will far exceed what you save because cheap food is the recipe for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Farm subsidies bring you high-fructose corn syrup in sodas and most cheap fast food, animal factories, monoculture, and a host of other contributors to our unhealthful contemporary diet.

Heart disease is a direct result of a poor diet. Heart disease costs Americans $189.4 billion every year and by 2030 that is expected to triple. (“Americans Eat the Cheapest Food in the World, But What is It Really Costing?” April 14, 2012.)

When you spend more on healthy food, you’re investing wisely in your most valuable asset…

More and more Americans are starting to demand more healthy foods. That means a little time in the kitchen and searching for restaurants that serve quality foods. It also means a change in mindset, and that can be challenging. People with a healthy mindset see empty, processed foods as…

• Excess calories that will hurt your body and contribute to obesity
• A mixture of chemicals and artificial flavors that could have side effects and lead to disease
• A waste of money
• An increase in health care
• Definitely not something to feed children, whose bodies are developing

Knowing that you’re only putting only healthy food into your body may cost a little more, but then again it might not. And what it saves you in your overall health and energy is immeasurable.


1. Instead of buying expensive cereal boxes, opt for breakfasts built on foods like eggs, fresh vegetables, raw fruit and yogurt.

2. Prepare meals at home instead of eating out.

3. Learn how your grandmother fed the family in generations past like using chicken to make stock for a pot of soup and extending a Sunday roast to use for weekday dinners. She made hearty stews from inexpensive cuts of meat, leftovers and so forth.

4. You can save by shopping once a week and planning a week’s meals at a time.

5. Preparing meals once a week and having them ready for lunches and ready-to-heat-and-serve meals each evening can also save you time and money.

6. Eating a lunch prepared at home will typically be healthier and save you money.


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