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How does a job stack up against the Xyngular opportunity?

People who are new to network marketing are sometimes unfamiliar with the entrepreneurial mindset that is required to build a successful business here at Xyngular®. They need to know the difference between a job and an opportunity. Here’s a way to illustrate that difference and anchor your commitment.

Suppose that at your job, your boss invites you in and tells you that for the next two years she’d like you to work an extra five to ten hours per week…not doing your current work, but something completely different. “You’ll have to be absolutely committed to those extra hours every single week,” she says. “No cutting corners, no excuses, no ‘sick days.’ How does that sound?

"Uh…there’s…one thing," she says. "You won’t be paid for the extra hours. You’ll work your extra five to ten hours a week for the next two years…for nothing.

"At the end of the two years, if you haven’t missed any hours or any of the tasks I’ll assign, you’ll retire on full salary—for the rest of your life!"

That’s right, at the end of the two years you’ll have your current salary every month for the rest of your life, no matter what else you do.

What do you think about her proposition now? Would you do it? Even if it meant doing some menial, disagreeable tasks that would normally be below your qualifications?

If you really were given that promise, what would make you quit early? Would the pressures of life get you to quit early? Would your spouse’s complaints about fixing the screen door get you distracted or prompt you to quit? What if the tasks were like cleaning toilets? What if it required you to get out of your comfort zone? What if you had to talk to friends and family or learn to use Facebook for the first time? What about discouragement? Would you be willing to go through some ups and downs for a promise this big.

This is the way Xyngular works. You learn the skills from your upline and on training calls and invest the time to grow the business from nothing into something because in the end there’s a major residual income that can last a lifetime.

Does that opportunity exist anywhere else? No! No other industry and no other business gives you this kind of leverage—certainly not your job!


1. Make a list of people who have complained about their job and share this story with them.

2. When someone complains about having to get out of their comfort zone and learn new skills, have this story ready to share.

3. When someone complains about the network marketing industry, share this story.


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Don’t miss these three super ingredients in our Super Fruit Xyngular Global Blend

Xyngular’s Super Fruit Global Blend™ contains a full spectrum of fruits with amazing benefits far more potent and beneficial than other juices on the market. Each ingredient contributes remarkable health benefits. In fact, it takes many articles to describe them all. Here are three of the most powerful.


Plums and prunes have been the subject of repeated health research for their high content of unique phytonutrients called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These are classified as phenols, and their function as antioxidants has been well documented. They are also high in beta-carotene, which acts as a fat-soluble antioxidant.

Plums and prunes are particularly effective in neutralizing an especially dangerous oxygen radical called superoxide anion radical. They also help prevent oxygen-based damage to fats. Since our cell membranes, brain cells and molecules such as cholesterol are largely composed of fats, preventing free radical damage to fats is no small benefit.

These dangerous free radicals can also damage cellular DNA, causing mutations which can result in the formation of cancerous cells. In addition, free radicals contribute to inflammation which increases the severity of many different degenerative conditions including atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease, and colon cancer, and why it has also been found useful for reducing the severity of inflammatory conditions like asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Prunes are also a good source of potassium, which is an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function thereby preventing high blood pressure and protecting against atherosclerosis. Potassium may also help to promote bone health.

Historical Benefits

• They help maintain normal blood pressure and heart function to prevent high blood pressure and protect against atherosclerosis
• They help promote bone health
• They increase iron absorption


Tart cherries have naturally-occurring nutritional and medicinal value significantly higher than most other fruits. While other fruits have some of the same amazing compounds, tart cherries have a wider variety of them and in greater amounts. Tart cherries are extremely beneficial to our health and wellness.

Tart cherries contain anthocyanins which help reduce inflammation and inhibit tumor growth along with flavonols which also improve blood flow, heart and brain health, and lower blood pressure. They also contain plant hormones that help regulate physiological functions, terpenes that are essential oils from plant elements, and phenolic acids which are powerful antioxidants. Phytochemicals (antioxidants) in tart cherries help reduce the risk of major chronic diseases.

Historical Benefits

• Tart cherries reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, cataracts, and functional deterioration due to age
• They improve blood flow, heart and brain health, and lower blood pressure
• They reduce inflammation and inhibit tumor growth


Key nutrients include such celebrated ingredients as anthocyanins, polyphenolics, ellagic acid, flavonoids, resveratrol and proanthocyanidins.

Many of the health benefits attributed to grapes are due to the pigments that are concentrated largely in the skin and seeds at levels about 100 times higher than the pulp of the grape. Anthocyanins tend to be the main polyphenolics in red grapes while the catechins are the more abundant phenolic in white grapes. The phenolic content of grape skins depends upon the variety, the soil, climate, geography, cultivation practice, and exposure to fungal infections. Grapes are also rich in ellagic acid, a potent flavonoid that helps fight cancer.

The pigments in red, purple and black grapes protect the cardiovascular system in a number of different ways: prevention of blood clots, lowering the likelihood of LDL cholesterol oxidation, reducing homocysteine levels, and properties that reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis. Grapes help relax blood vessel walls, thereby reducing blood pressure. Recent research showed that a Concord grape extract lowered LDL cholesterol, raised HDL cholesterol, and lowered inflammation.

Resveratrol (3, 5, 4’-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene) found in grape skins demonstrates many pharmacological properties including cancer chemoprevention because it blocks many steps in the cancer development process.


1. Be sure to gather and file these ingredient articles as they appear in the ConneXion to show prospective clients all the powerhouse ingredients in Super Fruit Global Blend.

2. Become familiar with many of the health benefits of the ingredients so when someone talks to you about a degenerative health condition of some kind, you can recommend our Global Blend for its amazing antioxidant and other benefits.


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"My doctor recommended IGNITE"

Rajat Gulati won 3rd place in Xyngular’s 90-Day Body Transformation Challenge, earning $300 cash and an IGNITE™ pack!

When I visited my close family friend and doctor in January of 2012, she immediately noticed my large weight gain. I had to get on the scale for the visit, although I didn’t want to. I told the doctor I did NOT want to know my weight, but when she told me, it literally brought tears to my eyes. I was all the way up to 222 pounds, by far the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I also had a 44 inch waist, and I felt ashamed at letting myself go like this.

Luckily for me, she knew about the Xyngular® IGNITE Program and recommended it to me. I was a bit skeptical, but I trust her so much that I finally said OK, let’s do it, and I bought 2 IGNITE kits that day.

I started to feel better almost immediately when I started IGNITE. My wife was amazed that I’d come home from work and start housework or cooking. She couldn’t believe it! When she suggested KFC for dinner once, I told her, “That’s the old me! The new me is healthy!”

I started feeling better, having more energy and exercising more. Overall, it was some of the best months of my entire life, because I felt like I was getting myself back.

At the end of the 90 days, I am down to a 32 inch waist! My weight is all the way down to 172. I lost 50 pounds, and I cannot be happier.

I have recommended these products to so many people who have seen my change, and I am excited for my future with Xyngular. There is no looking back for me!

- Rajat Gulati, Canada


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"My dad’s free from 20 years of major depression"

I began using Xyngular®’s products to lose weight. On January 16, 2012 I started my first round of IGNITE™. I lost 8 pounds and 11 inches. I am now down a total of 14 pounds and 19 inches. It has given me back my confidence.

But the best part of my experience with Xyngular products is how it helped my Dad. He has suffered from major depression for 20 years. He has gone from one medication to the next and from one dose to the next. A product would begin to work but then stop, and he was back to where he started. It was a struggle for him to even get out of bed and shower. It had gotten so bad that he had stopped working.

On February 23rd after hearing Kristi Welch’s Mom, Marian Thomas, tell her story, I thought I needed to have my Dad try XYNG™. That night I went home and gave my Dad a sheet of XYNG. I told him to give it a week, so he started it and by the second day he was in the front room on the floor playing cars with my 19-month-old son. He’s getting out and going to the movies, going on bike rides, taking his grandkids to the park, and also taking them on picnics.

Xyngular has given my Dad back control of his life. His depression and anxiety are taking a back seat to his life and not driving his life. My son now has a Grandpa! I am so grateful for all of these products.

-Michelle Hall


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Play where the opportunity is

Arthur Schoppenhauer once said that every new idea goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, and finally it becomes self evident.

Some people are so fear-based that they have to wait until every new idea is self evident or the product is everywhere before they are willing to try it. But that’s not where the real opportunity is. If you’re looking for a truly exceptional opportunity, you need to look for one that isn’t yet self-evident…yet. Maybe you’ll even want one that is ridiculed or opposed by many. Why? Because that’s where the greatest opportunity is for terrific income to be made.

Network Marketing, as a system, is not universally accepted, nor is our system of weight loss or our Compensation Plan. You’ll find people who still think they have to restrict calories or count “points” and weigh in each week in order to lose weight and keep it off. But we can promise that we, as a company, have created a unique opportunity and products people can use to build an exceptional residual income.

There are true pioneers driving this business. They are conservative, experienced business men and women who can also think in a visionary way. They have laid in the fundamentals. There is a solid infrastructure for solid growth. We have created recognition systems that reward behaviors that are fundamental to your success.

Xyngular® rewards the Distributor first. Every decision that is made in our corporate office must pass the test question, “will this be good for our Distributors?” This attracts serious business builders who are depending on a solid residual income they can retire on. We have done away with all the distracting qualification gimmicks found in most other companies. These hurdles and gimmicks actually mislead and hurt the newcomers who are unfamiliar with the hidden secrets found in other compensation plans. Our company is built around the promise to keep things simple so no one can be hurt when joining Xyngular.

Why is now the best time for you to be involved in Xyngular? Why is the timing so unique? Actually the timing couldn’t be better. We are in a huge weight loss and health and wellness growth curve where so many business wish they were. As baby boomers age, they are experiencing the consequences of being overweight or obese. They have their ears open to learn about health and weight-loss products that really work. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what Paul Zane Pilzer calls the “next trillion dollar market”—the wellness revolution.

In this economy a lot of people are looking for a safety net. It’s obvious. It’s on the news. Many people have been burned in their investments. Businesses are being downsized. Those remaining are overworked and angry with what they are being forced to do. They need alternative, secure sources of income that won’t go away in a down economy. More and more people are needing residual income from home-based businesses for the security they offer in a very insecure time.

As great as our opportunity is today, a year from now will be just as good or even better. The weight loss and home-based-business-hungry market place couldn’t be better for us to plant, cultivate, and harvest. The industry structure is certain and proven. This industry is, in many ways, leading the marketplace in this down economy. The timing is perfect now but it will also be perfect five years from now. We are debt free. We’re solid and credible. We have built an incredible support structure with communications, recognition and leadership.


1. The next time close friends question the industry or our approach to weight loss, share the three categories of Arthur Schoppenhauer and invite them to join you.

2. Never be intimidated by people who question or ridicule our industry or product. It only shows that we’re in the right place and the right time.


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One of the REAL reasons you couldn’t lose weight before Xyngular?

A long-established dogma that has made our entire Western world unhealthy is the false belief that “a calorie is a calorie.” This simply isn’t true. The idea that obesity comes from eating too much and exercising too little has finally been proven to be false.

A new You Tube video,"The Skinny on Obesity" presented by Dr. Robert Lustig, a Pediatric Endocrinologist from the University of California, San Francisco presents a chilling wake up call to facts about weight, weight gain, and chronic diseases like dementia, cancer, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. When you watch it, you’ll never look at empty calories and calorie counting the same way again.

The truth is, as our IGNITE program has proven to all of us, you can have the same amount of calories from carbohydrates and protein or even from fructose and fat, but the effect on your metabolism will be entirely different in spite of an identical calorie count.

Dr. Lustig certifies that there are eight major diseases related to this epidemic of metabolic dysfunction including the well-known ones like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, triglyceride problems and heart disease. But what is less known by the general public is that it also contributes to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, polysystic ovarian syndrome, cancer, and dementia.

Obesity isn’t really the cause but is rather a marker for these diseases. These eight diseases represent an astounding 75 percent of all the healthcare costs in the United States.

Clearly, this confusion about the quality of our calories affects a clear majority of Americans in a major way, and the faulty dogmatic belief that all calories are equal has contributed to the tragic rise in metabolic dysfunction that is destroying our health not only in the United States but throughout the world.

According to Dr. Lustig even normal weight people can suffer from metabolic syndrome and a rare few of overweight and obese people do not suffer from metabolic syndrome caused by eating too many of the wrong kinds of calories. They will live just as long as they would if they were not obese.

What’s the cause of this epidemic metabolic syndrome throughout the world?

Dr. Lustig points out that there are forces at work in our society that go far beyond personal responsibility for eating too much and exercising too little or basic “laziness” or “lack of control” as some would lead us to believe. A lot more infants are now obese, and “laziness” or “lack of control” aren’t things you would accuse a developing infant of. These forces in our society include the following:

1. We don’t have enough time to prepare and eat healthy food any more.
2. We don’t get enough sleep as our stress level has increased.
3. Since the 1960’s when we labeled fat as public enemy number one; low-fat, highly processed, nutrient poor foods have taken over. High concentrations of sweeteners were required to overcome the lowering of fat content.
4. Nutrients have been depleted from our soils as industrial farming has replaced the “less efficient” family farms.
5. Our meat, dairy and egg supply has significantly changed as huge factory lifestock operations have replaced grass-fed and free-range animal husbandry practices. This changes the composition of our proteins and causes widespread inflammation. Huge quantities of antibiotics compound the problems.
6. We get far less exercise.

When Xyngular® clients begin to replace the abundance of sugars and all the empty, starchy processed foods we consume with different calories found in LEAN™ shakes and proteins in the IGNITE™ program, It becomes clear that the old paradigm that “a calorie is a calorie” is just not true. A calorie from fat or protein found in nuts or peanut butter does not impact your body in the same way a calorie from the high fructose corn syrup found in a soda does. The metabolic effect is entirely different despite the identical calorie count. Why? Because different calories create different hormonal responses, and those hormones decide, among other things, whether you burn fat or store it.

So empty calories actually trick your body into storing fat by disrupting your metabolism. They turn off your body’s appetite-control systems. They don’t suppress ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”) nor do they stimulate leptin (the “satiety hormone”). Empty calories disrupt your body chemistry and make you want to eat more and develop insulin resistance, an underlying factor of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers.

You don’t get fat because you eat too many calories and don’t exercise enough. You get fat because you eat the wrong kind of calories that program your body to create and store fat. That’s an important reason why the IGNITE system works so well for you.


1. Begin a collection of labels and articles that promote the “old” way of losing weight by counting calories, lowering fat, and buying “fat-free,” highly processed foods.

2. Watch for articles, products and programs that promote the new science. You’ll see that the world is changing. And Xyngular is leading the way.


The Hidden Reason You Get Flabby (Not Calories or Lack of Exercise). April 30 2012


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“Congratulations to the winners of the 2012
90-Day Body Transformation Challenge”

The top three winners in the men’s division are:

Jay Einhorn who won $1000, an IGNITE™ package and 2 AXION™

Second Place is Anthony Hatch who won $500 and an IGNITE™ package.

Third Place is Rajat Gulati who won $300 and an IGNITE™ package.

The top three winners in the women’s division are:

First Place is Kim Lapo who won $1000, an IGNITE™ package and 2 AXION™.

Second Place is Suzanne Peterson who won $500 and an IGNITE™ package.

Third Place is Marion Quintana who won $300 and an IGNITE™ package.

Look for individual stories in upcoming ConneXions!


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                  XYNGFLING 2012 Rocked Orlando!

With XYNGFLING Orlando in the rear-view mirror and XYNGFEST in Vegas coming up, we wanted to recap what was, in the words of Xyngular President Marc Walker, “Truly an epic event that will build the next generation of Xyngular leaders.”

With so many highlights from Orlando, it’s hard to choose just a few—the whole weekend was a highlight! Here are a few of our favorite moments:

Thursday night, Xyngular Distributors organized opportunity meetings in both English and Spanish. Both meetings were very well attended and resulted in new enrollees.

At the English meeting, Xyngular Product Formulator Jim Ayres presented, along with Platinum Directors Cala Stadel and Freddy Elias. “The meetings left everyone who attended feeling energized and excited,” said Xyngular Marketing Director John Harmston. “It was a perfect opening to a great weekend.”

The Spanish opportunity meeting was attended by large groups of Xyngular Distributors from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Spanish-speaking Distributors from around the United States as well.

Thursday night also included the Director Invitational, where new Xyngular Directors are flown to meet one-on-one with President Marc Walker and COO Glen Oliver. Part of Xyngular’s Passport Program, the Director Invitational is an exciting time for new leaders to analyze their businesses and plan for the future. After the meetings, the new Directors were taken to an exclusive Greek restaurant, where everyone sang and danced the night away over handmade hummus and lamb.

At Friday’s welcome reception, Xyngular Distributors were greeted by Marc Walker as well as several super-achieving Distributors. Then, karaoke ruled the night, with surprisingly little hesitation! As COO Glen Oliver said, “Our opening social was so much fun because it united all of us. Everyone had fun as a big ‘One team, one dream’ family, and it was great to see.”

Saturday was packed full of excitement and inspiration. One of the highlights was Xyngular releasing four new sales tools videos:

First was the Welcome to XYNGFLING: Orlando video
Next, Xyngular’s We Are Oneopportunity video
Third, the Cooking With Cheat video gave great new ideas on using Cheat
Last, the video for Cheat+, Xyngular’s newest product, nearly brought the house down. As one Distributor put it on Facebook, “This is an answer to everyone’s prayers!”

As Jim Ayres described, Cheat+ takes the incredible power of Xyngular’s Cheat food sprinkle and puts it in capsule form. This way, you can Cheat on liquids like soup and drinks! Also, Cheat+ has added phytosterols for cholesterol regulation and green coffee bean for blood sugar regulation. Cheat+ will be available for ordering starting the beginning of May.

The rest of Saturday was filled with inspirational stories and testimonials from Xyngular’s top leaders. Kristi Welch, who recently had 5 team members hit the Xtreme Builder Bonus, described the huge help Xyngular has been to her life, both health-wise and financially.

Tito Marichal, who has currently lost over 200 pounds with Xyngular’s products, gave an emotional description of the way his life has changed. As his body has shrunk, Tito’s business (and wallet) have grown!

Glen Oliver discussed the incredible growth of Xyngular, with each of the last 6 months being bigger than the last. “We are on a huge growth curve,” said Glen, “And we are just getting started. The momentum we’re building is just incredible to see.”

And, Xyngular announced the iPod Shuffle promotion, which runs through April 30th, as well as the new Getting Started Guide, which is available in Back Office as a PDF, or to purchase as a hard copy.

"The new Getting Started Guide is going to be a huge help in getting Distributors off the ground quickly when they first start their business," said Director of Sales Mario Brown. "We can’t wait to see the success that comes from using the guide to build quickly."

Overall, XYNGFLING was a huge success and left all who attended with a better vision of Xyngular’s future and a greater sense of excitement and purpose.

"The reason we have Xyngular meetings like XYNGFLING is to allow our Distributors to see what we see and gain a vision for the future," said Marc Walker. "Ultimately, the goal is to have everyone go home with greater fire and passion, and be even more effective in building their business, and XYNGFLING accomplished just that."


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What to eat after you work out

After a cardiovascular workout wait a half hour, and then have a high quality protein meal or snack like a LEAN Shake. If it’s time for a meal, have something like a spinach salad and some grilled chicken breast. Or if it’s breakfast have eggs or yogurt and fruit. The reason you want to wait for a half hour after your exercise is to keep your body in the fat burning mode connected to your exercise. If you wait more than an hour you’ll start to slow down your metabolism because your body goes into starvation, fat-storage mode.

After a weight-bearing workout you’ll want a different approach… you’ll want your calories to be absorbed rapidly. Why? Because after a resistance workout, you have about an hour to get nutrients in to help repair your damaged muscles. If you miss feeding your muscles during this hour, their ability to repair themselves and grow stronger will drop off dramatically.

After an intense workout, your stomach and digestive tract won’t function as efficiently as it will later. It takes a lot of blood flow to do its job. If you’ve just exercised, a lot of your blood is still in your muscles. That’s why the best post workout meal on weight-bearing-exercise days is a protein shake like LEAN and a starchy carbohydrate like a banana. The banana your easily-digested carb, and with the shake they are both absorbed quickly. Have your fast-release post workout meal within 15 to 30 minutes of your intense weight training session.

When you’ll start adjusting your timing for these fitness meals, you’ll feel your clothes starting to fit better within a few weeks. A healthy fitness lifestyle is the only true fountain of youth. Train hard and eat wisely and you can expect success.


1. Stock up on plenty of LEAN Shakes for your post exercise meals.

2. Prepare a shopping list so you always have the right kinds of meals available after your exercise, even when you need to work out at an unexpected time during the day.


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Be an 80/20 leader

Being a leader means facing reality.

You sometimes hear a Distributor say, “those people in my team shouldn’t be so lazy.” We’ve learned that statements like that are a waste of energy. Lazy people are supposed to be lazy. That’s why we call them lazy. You wouldn’t expect them to be anything but lazy. You’d be naïve to let that upset you. It’s better to just go out looking for the ones that aren’t lazy.

What if someone cuts in front of you in traffic? You can go after her, shaking your fist. But that’s just a waste of emotions. It’s something you can’t change.

You can lose a lot of sleep as a leader worrying about why there are people who act the way they do. It’s better to just understand the 80/20 rule: learn to spend 80 percent of your effort and energy on the 20 percent of the people who deserve your time and 20 percent on the 80 percent who don’t.

On any team, it’s typically 20 percent of the people who really build your business. They usually don’t demand much of your time because they’re out there working. But a little extra time with spent with them brainstorming, setting goals, and planning goes a long way to motivate them to do even better. That’s good leadership sense.

You want to learn to spend individual, quality time with these folks and group time with the 80 percent who are not motivated, don’t really want to grow the business and have other things on their goal list. It’s not their fault, and trying to coax, drag and manipulate will just annoy them. It won’t work. Spend group time with them, tell them you love them and identify those you really want to work with.

The trouble is, those who produce only 20 percent of your business will want 80 percent of your time. They’re the ones who demand individual time. So you’ll have to learn to be diplomatic and train them to communicate with you by email with their questions and let you answer their questions on group calls. They’re going to pull you into individual time if you’ll let them, but it won’t be good for them or your business. They need to earn your time.

If you learn to work with your team this way, you’ll push your top 20 percent even higher and raise the bottom 80 percent higher too because of the terrific example of the 20 percent.


1. Make a list of your team members above and below you in your organization. Pick out the 20 percent who accomplish 80 percent of the work and plan your schedule to spend 80 percent of your leadership time with them.

2. Manage yourself to give group time to the 80 percent you do only 20 percent of the work.


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How to get the most out of the training resources Xyngular offers

In any area of success, there are probably a half-dozen things that will be your greatest reasons for success. Your Xyngular® business is no different. It’s built on fundamental laws, not the luck of the dice. To get lucky would be the worst thing that could happen to you in this business, because you wouldn’t know how you got there. You wouldn’t be able to teach the steps to success to anyone, and your downline couldn’t make it happen for themselves. You couldn’t duplicate a uniform system, and this would kill your growth.

In the networking industry specific activities always comes before results. And in your Xyngular business, you can expect your income to follow proven, correct activities within 30 to 90 days.

At Xyngular we have a simple, easy-to-follow way to help you grow your business. You will want to track your actions on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and, if you wish, project results based on your level of activity. You will learn to troubleshoot your business when and if the results aren’t quite where you want them to be.

We have systems to plug into so you can quickly become independent and self-reliant. Even if you don’t have the experienced “upline support” you feel you need, the company with its conference calls, ConneXions, online tools and regional meetings can become the “success coach” you’re looking for.

We understand that each person who enrolls has differing levels of time, energy, self-confidence, desire, and talent. That’s why we’ve made the system easy to adapt to each specific level. Start from where you are. Believe in the unique abilities and circumstances you have been given and give yourself the necessary time to get the results you desire.

Listen to live and recorded conference calls as often as you can, especially when you feel you have reached either an exciting, positive period in your business or a discouraging downturn. You need to listen in times of great success so you can make sure your excitement doesn’t take you off the proven tracks of our business. You need to listen in the down times so you can identify the principles you may have drifted away from that may have caused the downturn.

Stephen Covey teaches that we all have to think like pilots. Pilots are off course a large percentage of the time and are forced to continually make little course corrections. Our training calls and ConneXion™ articles are designed to help you make these little course corrections and warn you against major distractions that could take you completely off course and ruin your business. You may need to keep a file of the most important articles and review them often with your team. You should never run out of material for encouragement and training on team calls.

Most people get a lot more out of on-the-job training in actual business situations than they ever do in school. You probably won’t learn some things from your training calls and ConneXion articles until you are actually failing and discouraged. Then you’ll listen and read one more time and recognize the need to conduct your business according to the key, proven principles we teach.

So even though you may think you understand what you are learning the first time through, you will need to listen and read over and over to recognize the key points you’ll miss the first time through because of lack of experience. Even though you may have heard some training topics a hundred times, you’ll say to yourself, “I don’t remember hearing that before.” It’s because your experience changes your and opens you up to a whole new way of being.

The fastest way to learn is to follow a process called PLAN-DO-REVIEW. High-energy people are eager to earn a lot of money quickly. They have great goals and high standards, and that’s good. But bright, quick learners too often give our articles and training calls a quick overview, then all they do is do and do and do and do without stopping to review and then plan.

You will want to take time to read and do the ACTION STEPS in each ConneXion article. To maximize your training, you have to review and perfect constantly. You can only make money in this business if you are on a constant search to become better and better at what you do. That’s what keeps you excited and growing.


1. Schedule your life around Training Calls and listen to them every week either the pre-recorded calls at a time that is convenient for you or the live calls.

2. Always take time to read the ConneXion articles and once a month the Momentum Magazine. Take the ACTION STEPS seriously and share them with your team to keep them excited. Make these ideas your own by adding your own special creativity.


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What does it really cost you to eat cheap junk food?

In 2010, the average family in America spent a little over 9 percent of their income on food. That’s 5.5 percent eating at home and 3.9 percent eating out. In the 1960s that percentage was 17 percent. In 1930 it was 24 percent. People in most other countries now spend more than 18 percent of their income on food.

Cheaper food may seem like a great benefit, but while we save a few dollars on our meals, we’re paying far more in our health. Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma said it well:

"Cheap food is an illusion. There is no such thing as cheap food. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere. And if it isn’t paid at the cash register, it’s charged to the environment or to the public purse in the form of subsidies. And it’s charged to your health." You either pay a little more now for quality, healthy food or you pay later. In terms of healthy food, you get what you pay for in health and energy.

Why are Americans so fat and sick?

It’s the quality of the food. For many fresh produce is hard to find but processed food is everywhere. If you eat mostly $1 burgers and super-size soda, your food may be cheap, but your health care expenses will far exceed what you save because cheap food is the recipe for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Farm subsidies bring you high-fructose corn syrup in sodas and most cheap fast food, animal factories, monoculture, and a host of other contributors to our unhealthful contemporary diet.

Heart disease is a direct result of a poor diet. Heart disease costs Americans $189.4 billion every year and by 2030 that is expected to triple. (“Americans Eat the Cheapest Food in the World, But What is It Really Costing?” April 14, 2012.)

When you spend more on healthy food, you’re investing wisely in your most valuable asset…

More and more Americans are starting to demand more healthy foods. That means a little time in the kitchen and searching for restaurants that serve quality foods. It also means a change in mindset, and that can be challenging. People with a healthy mindset see empty, processed foods as…

• Excess calories that will hurt your body and contribute to obesity
• A mixture of chemicals and artificial flavors that could have side effects and lead to disease
• A waste of money
• An increase in health care
• Definitely not something to feed children, whose bodies are developing

Knowing that you’re only putting only healthy food into your body may cost a little more, but then again it might not. And what it saves you in your overall health and energy is immeasurable.


1. Instead of buying expensive cereal boxes, opt for breakfasts built on foods like eggs, fresh vegetables, raw fruit and yogurt.

2. Prepare meals at home instead of eating out.

3. Learn how your grandmother fed the family in generations past like using chicken to make stock for a pot of soup and extending a Sunday roast to use for weekday dinners. She made hearty stews from inexpensive cuts of meat, leftovers and so forth.

4. You can save by shopping once a week and planning a week’s meals at a time.

5. Preparing meals once a week and having them ready for lunches and ready-to-heat-and-serve meals each evening can also save you time and money.

6. Eating a lunch prepared at home will typically be healthier and save you money.


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“Whenever I stopped those other weight loss programs, I gained all the weight back”

Finally, after 46 years of trying to lose weight, I’m now doing it in the correct way… with natural products!

I’ve always been obese. I’m now 57 years old, and I started dieting when I was 12.

In college, I got so upset with my weight that I went to see a doctor who was having great success with his patients losing weight. He prescribed all kinds of dangerous drugs, including one for my thyroid, which he never even checked. He started me on a low carb diet. I lost 120 pounds, but I started blacking out and started losing my hair. I stopped that treatment and gained the weight back.

I went to another doctor who put me on a shakes-only diet. This time I lost 70 pounds, but became pregnant with my second child and gained all the weight back. I tried all sorts of diets over the years, but the weight always came back. At age 49, I tried again and started on more pills and injections with a new diet. I lost 80 pounds, but one night, with my son at my side, I suffered a stroke.

My neurologist told me that I just had to accept being overweight, so I gained my weight again. Finally, my best friend introduced me to Xyngular®. I couldn’t imagine doing another program, but I have lost 62 pounds in 7 months and have kept it off! My goal is to lose at least 100 more pounds! This is the most amazing company with amazing products, thank you Xyngular!

- Elaine Baumgartner


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