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“Xyngular® has helped me pay off my student loan and credit card debt”

I started Xyngular® when I saw my scale keep climbing despite my Weight Watchers diet and Biggest Loser workouts.

After my first 8 days on IGNITE™, I was down 4 pounds and 6 inches. Then, despite the fact I NEVER had any interest in running, I decided to take it up. In October I ran my first 5k and had a total weight loss of 11.5 pounds and 16 inches lost. Six of those inches were just off my waist!

In January, I ran my first 10k, and I’m now training for a half marathon. I LOVE Xyngular’s products and the fact that my friends are doing so well on them also.

On the business side, I have been able to share this opportunity with so many people close to me. In the process I have been able to pay off my school loan and some credit card debt!

My business pays for my products each month, so it’s like I’m getting free product! I love this amazing company, it’s opportunity and products!

- Cassie Heffron, Kansas


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Gathering referrals from everyone you meet

Movies live or die on referrals. A short movie trailer in a viral journey around the Internet can mean huge fortunes. It can become a multi-million-dollar empire overnight depending on the talk about it the day after it opens. Yet the movie producers will never send you a check or say thank you for sending that link along to your friends and getting them to buy a ticket.

Great movies and fabulous restaurants aren’t promoted with full-page ads as much as they are by word-of-mouth referrals.

Referrals are the lifeblood of the Xyngular® business too.

Asking for referrals can be one of the most valuable and cost effective ways of prospecting. And yet it is possibly one of the least used methods.

Even when someone turns you down, they’ll still often give you referrals. They’ll do it if you’re nice and say thank you. All you have to do is ask, “Do you know anyone who has mentioned a health or financial challenge? Do you know anyone who has been struggling unsuccessfully with losing weight? Do you know anyone who badly needs some extra money and isn’t afraid of getting on the phone with a never-say-die attitude?”

If you start asking simple questions like this with every single one of your warm market conversations, you’ll be very busy for a long, long time.

Getting referrals works especially well with people you know well who turn you down. They’ll feel a little guilty for not helping you out, so they’ll seriously consider who they can give you for referrals. This is a very powerful prospecting tool.

A lot of newcomers to network marketing think that because someone says no, they won’t give us a referral. If you do your presentation nicely, they’re actually more likely to give you referrals and eventually lead you to an excellent prospect.

Referrals are particularly effective if you’re selling the opportunity and want to save yourself time by describing exactly the type of person you’re looking for as a business partner.

Kim Klaver says it’s like shopping for shoes. If you’re looking to buy sneakers, you don’t want to have to try on every pair of high heels in the shoe store. You don’t have time for that.

When you’re talking with your friends and family members, you need their help in finding those people out there who are desperately seeking what you have. They’re the hard workers who absolutely love getting to know people by phone and will never give up until they get what they’re after. Discouragement and failure doesn’t phase them.

If the relative or friend you’re talking to fits and agrees to that description of herself, she’ll tell you so. Otherwise go for the referral. You’re shopping for shoes. You don’t want to have to drag people along in this business who are only being nice to you because you’re a relative or friend. So describe what you’re after and be willing to ask for a lot of referrals until you find it. But when you’ve found it, you won’t be wasting your time with them.


1. Write out some referral questions and post them next to your phone. Keep looking at them and trying them until they become a natural part of every conversation.

2. Write a description of the perfect candidate for a partner in this business. Memorize that description and practice it by asking for referrals from everyone you meet who is not in this business already.


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Even a little weight loss makes a big difference in your health

Being overweight and trying again and again to lose those extra pounds produces so many anxieties and crazy ways of thinking that too many people have given up. Since most of the anxiety associated with being overweight early in our lives is emotional, and we meet so much failure from dieting, we rarely think about the health benefits we may be missing some day far in the future. That is until our feelings of being trapped are set. Because significant weight loss requires real patience and commitment, many people give up when it doesn’t all come off in one extremely difficult diet. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about the amazing incremental health benefits of weight loss and make them the real reason for doing Xyngular® on an ongoing basis, a few pounds every week.

Health impact

Even small reductions in weight can make a huge impact on our health. We don’t have to look like an aerobic instructor to feel significantly better and have remarkably better health. Research has shown that even a small amount of weight loss of… say 5 percent to 10 percent weight loss (kept off) is going to produce surprising health benefits in future years.

More than half of the adult population in America is overweight. Many overweight or obese people believe that only a huge and dramatic reduction in body weight can produce noticeable health benefits. But research reveals that losing even a small amount of weight can produce benefits and that can be significant enough reason to keep persistently losing weight safely on Xyngular products.

Economic benefits

If better health is not enough, you may be interested to learn that research shows that there are significant economic benefits linked to losing weight as well. According to research in the October 1999 American Journal of Public Health, people who lost 10% of total body weight, and kept it off, saved about $5,200 in medical expenses throughout their life. This is money spent on treating such things as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and many other obesity-related problems (“Even Modest Weight Loss Is Good for Your Health.”, January 2, 2008).


1. Instead of only measuring your weight loss success in inches and pounds lost, start noticing the health benefits you get from your weight loss. Write them in your journal. Share them on Facebook. They can be more compelling to some people than the dramatic before-and-after photos.

2. If you’ve lost only a little weight on Xyngular so far, imagine the economic benefits you’ll receive when you don’t have to pay all the doctor and pharmacy bills for hypertension, acid reflux, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Look around your family and ask about the expenses of those who are overweight.


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Don’t Miss Marc Walker in Kansas and Glen Oliver in Michigan

Xyngular President Marc Walker and COO Glen Oliver are heading to Kansas and Michigan this week

Wichita, KS
When: Saturday, March 24, 10:00am
Where: Heartsprings Community Center — 8700 E 29th St N Wichita, KS 67226
Who: Xyngular President Marc Walker

Detroit, MI
When: Tuesday, March 27th, 7:00pm
Where: Troy Community Center 3179 Livernois Rd. Troy MI 48083
Who: Xyngular COO Glen Oliver


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20 conditions and diseases that can be directly linked to being overweight

Losing weight isn’t just about appearances. There are dangerous health risks associated with being overweight or obese. With children and adolescents becoming overweight earlier in their lives, this dramatically increases the risk of the following health conditions and diseases.

1. Diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas that can lead to many of the other medical issues on this list. Being overweight or obese is one of the main causes of diabetes.

2. Cancer has many different types and forms. Many of them could be prevented with more careful nutrition and keeping weight under control.

3. Congestive heart failure is often linked to being overweight. Your heart can’t pump enough blood to the organs of your body.

4. Enlarged heart is a condition where your heart muscle is overworked, which naturally happens from being overweight.

5. Pulmonary embolism is a sometimes fatal artery blockage. Most overweight people reduce activity, which can result in an embolism.

6. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a situation sometimes linked to being overweight, where cysts grow in your ovaries.

7. Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) is common in overweight people. It happens when stomach acids flow from your stomach back up into your esophagus.

8. Fatty liver disease is a condition where large pockets of fat gather in liver cells.

9. A hernia can be caused when the hole in the diaphragm weakens and enlarges sometimes due to being overweight.

10. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a medical problem tied to obesity.

11. Urinary incontinence is frequently associated with obesity, weak bladder and pelvic floor muscles

12. Chronic renal failure means your kidneys stop working. There is a much greater risk in those who are overweight or obese.

13. Lymph edema happens because of a damaged or dysfunctional lymphatic system. It’s sometimes caused by obesity which actually crushes the lymphatic system in the body.

14. Cellulitis is a skin infection that spreads in the dermis and deeper skin tissues. It sometimes comes from poor lymph flow often caused by obesity.

15. Stroke results from a lack of blood supply to your brain. It’s more common in the overweight or obese.

16. Sleep apnea often results from an excessive load on your pulmonary system from being overweight.

17. Depression is often more severe among those with weight problems.

18. Osteoarthritis is a low-grade inflammation in the joints. It is caused by wearing down of cartilage, often as a result of being overweight or obese.

19. Gout comes from uric acid accumulating in your blood. Nerve endings are irritated, which causes extreme pain. This is made much worse when there’s excess weight.

20. Gallbladder disease is common among overweight people. It is a result of high blood cholesterol levels, which encourages the formation of gall stones.

According to the US Surgeon General’s report, obesity is responsible for 300,000 deaths every year in the United States. Because of Xyngular, you and your loved ones don’t have to look forward to becoming one of them.


1. Do a quick survey of your own. Write the names of those you know with one or more of the conditions or diseases listed. Make a note if they are overweight or obese.

2. Make a note of those diseases and conditions that are common in your family and resolve to prevent them in yourself and those you love by keeping the weight off with Xyngular.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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Try a different lure today

We don’t want to offend anyone who has been suggesting using only one method to prospect for new Xyngular® customers and Distributors, but there are some things we’ve heard people say that don’t work very well. Yet we’ve also learned that they really work well for others. Our suggestion … try a few new things to attract those you really want to work with.

For example, some people say you shouldn’t ever go to the mall and just talk with people about Xyngular. And yet there are amazing stories about Distributors who specialize in cold contacting wherever they are. It’s a perfect way to force yourself to talk, talk, talk and get to know the needs of a lot of people in a very short time.

Others say “Don’t chase leads. It’s too difficult. It doesn’t work very well.” Yet we know professional networkers who purchase leads all the time and become very good at qualifying them and training them. Sometimes those who only focus on their warm market run out of leads and quit. If you can transfer them over to cold market leads and train them well, you can keep them connected and building for much longer.

Some say you should wait on your warm market until you’ve proven that you can bring people into the company in a professional way. Yet a lot of people aren’t comfortable contacting people they don’t know at first. It’s good for most new Distributors to learn on their warm market first.

Some people say you should never ever advertise. It’s a waste of time. Yet we know of some major players in this industry who came in by way of advertising. They focus on targeted ads for the perfect Xyngular Distributor. It takes a lot of interviewing to find the perfect candidate, but it can be worth it.

Lots of great people have come in through trade shows and fairs. Some people simply attend all the fairs and shows they can and collect business cards. They talk to a ton of people about their health and what they’d like in an ideal career. Then they follow up by phone.

Our philosophy is this, “Build by using a lot of methods of prospecting all the time.” It takes so little effort to do some of them, you may as well have them out there working for you.

It’s like fishing, if one type of bait doesn’t work, try another. If one prospecting method feels like it’s not working as well for you as it used to, you can shift to another. You always have something cooking out there. You’re always excited about the results you’re having, and you have something new to talk to your team about at all times to keep their excitement and confidence up. It’s like having a lot of fishing lines in the water at the same time with a different lure or fly on each one.


1. Make a list of prospecting methods you haven’t tried yet or haven’t tried lately. Set a goal to try something new every month.

2. Study up by reading in the personal development literature and training programs how the best Distributors use the new method you’re considering. There are a lot more great free network marketing training programs on the Internet than you think there are. Get some recommendations from your upline on the best of the best.

3. Work with your accountability partner to make sure you don’t overdo it and waste time on a system that doesn’t suit you well or doesn’t give you enough great results for the time or money you spend.


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"We share our story and the company sends us a thank you check"

At the time Jerry and I started taking Xyngular® products, we were both dealing with health issues, lack of energy, and we had both gained weight.

As a nurse working nights at the hospital and a mom of 3 children, I was desperate for energy. I was drinking 1/2 pot of coffee, 4 Cokes, and unhealthy energy drinks every day. When I would wake up in the afternoon, I reached for carbs and snacks instead of healthy foods. I was also taking 800mg of Motrin daily for headaches. I had started an antidepressant 3 months earlier which made me even more tired and caused me to gain 15 pounds.

At age 37, Jerry was struggling with energy and weight gain. I had made him a doctor’s appointment to assess his snoring, weight gain, lethargy, and back pain. She performed basic lab work, diagnosed him as being pre-diabetic, prescribed an antidepressant for stress, and gave him Lortab for back pain. His lab work showed increased liver enzymes, and the doctor recommended a C-Pap to wear at night for sleep apnea. We were both overwhelmed with her recommendations and knew it was time for a healthy change.

A friend of ours from church encouraged us to try these all natural products for health, weight loss, and energy . We both started an 8-day IGNITE™ challenge. I lost 7 pounds and 7 inches from my waist, going from a size 12 to an 8! Jerry lost 12 pounds! We continued on with the program and were amazed at the natural, all day energy that we were both experiencing.

At 2 weeks, Jerry went back to the doctor for a follow-up appointment. His sleep study came back normal, his snoring was minimal, he was no longer at risk for diabetes, he didn’t need the antidepressant, and his back pain had been resolved without the need for narcotics. He began running and cycling with the kids. He completed a half marathon in 2 hours and continues to encourage all of us to exercise.

Our entire family is eating healthier and exercising. We are spending less money eating out and at the grocery store. After 5 months Jerry’s total weight loss was 50 pounds! I am currently down to a size 6… a size that I hadn’t seen since high school. The greatest benefit for me is the increased energy and focus. Every morning I have a long “to do” list, and because of XYNG™ , I am able to face my day with energy and enthusiasm. I am a better mom, wife, and friend.

We had never been able to stick to a “diet” in the past. Xyngular encourages healthy lifestyle changes, not unreasonable diets. We eat healthy during the week and spluge on the weekends. It is a balance that our family can easily work into our busy lifestyle.

Our 12-year-old son Thomas has autism and struggles with behavior problems, eating challenges, and is mostly non-verbal.

At age 9, we began traveling to Texas to see a doctor who specialized in autism. Thomas began taking 25 supplements and we began a GFCF diet. We did see improvements, but every day was a huge struggle trying to get him to swallow 25 pills. Most kids from the clinic were taking 75 pills per day and receiving B12 injections. After a year, we decided to stop the program. I began giving him Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend™ juice and a XYNG. On day 3, he came home from school, said “hi mom” and gave me a hug! I couldn’t believe it! Since beginning the products, his speech has greatly increased, and he is craving healthier foods. Behavior problems at school have also decreased.

We can’t thank Xyngular enough for these amazing products that have transformed our family and for the opportunity to share them with others. Because we love the products so much, we share our story with our friends and family. The company sends us a thank you check each time we do so.

We have been able to pay off both of our cars, take a family vacation and travel all-expenses-paid to Sundance Utah. I now only have to work part time at the hospital. We have met so many great people through the company who have also encouraged our spiritual journey. I can’t imagine what our health would be like without the changes that we have made.

I encourage everyone I care about to try to products. I love the 100% money-back guarantee. It’s easy, the products work, and they are 100% natural. As a nurse, I would not be sharing them if I didn’t feel like they were safe.

- Denise Putter Harrell


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You’ve got to believe it to achieve it

How does your Xyngular® business grow? It’s all about belief. It’s starts with your personal belief in the product. Next comes your belief that the right people will come together for you. You believing that when you post your before-and-after on Facebook, some of your friends will want to know how you lost so much weight. Then you will need to believe that as you serve them and get them the success they’re after, you will get enough people coming together at the right time so you can create a team and get some momentum.

A team can’t grow into a great business without some momentum. Momentum is all about belief. It’s all about thinking big and really believing that what you are creating in your mind with your team will come to pass.

We all have a choice every day whether we’re going to live in a state of belief or a state of doubt. It’s like choosing between two rooms. One is bright and sunny with lots of enthusiasm, helpfulness, belief and hope for the future. The other is dark and dingy where there are lots of offenses, criticism, doubts, and hurt feelings. We choose each day which room we want to live in.

When stuff happens that we have to deal with in the dark room, we want to take care of it quickly and get ourselves back in the bright, positive room.

This is a relationship business. We can’t build a team with momentum if you’re going to hang out in a room where people are always complaining…where it’s all about selfish interests, excuses, and pity parties. In the sunny room it’s all about the team and helping everyone succeed. It’s all about team goals and making a difference in prospects’ lives.

Everyone in the sunny room lives by the motto, “I don’t want to be the reason why this doesn’t happen for you.” It’s a mutual admiration society where everyone rises to the beliefs that everyone else has in them. It’s the heart and culture that you create for your team. It’s less about how much money you’re making or your next rank advancement and more about looking for people who are hurting and need what Xyngular offers them.

This is the greatest business because the more sunshine and hope you dish out and the more belief you offer to others, the more your business seems to multiplies, duplicate, and grow on its own. The more you love what you do, the more you radiate that sunshine of belief in yourself and others, the more success will naturally come to you.


1. Follow yourself around for a day and take notes of how much time you spend in your “sunny room” instead of your “dingy, negative room.” Start with that awareness and soon you’ll be choosing every day to deliberately get away from anything that drains your enthusiasm and saps your energy.

2. Make a list of all the things that pull you and your team into a negative space. Make a plan to deal with them quickly and efficiently so you can get back into that positive space.

3. Think of some stories from your past that you can tell about making a deliberate choice to move yourself into a positive frame of mind. Tell about the results you got when you did. The next time someone starts loading negativity on you, share one of these stories. Then tell them how you want to get past this quickly so you can stay in a frame of mind where you can help others make some money.


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Xyngular® 90-Day Body Transformation Challenge Commitment #13: I will tame the sweetener monster.

SMost people love something sweet, but those of us who struggle with our weight have often been so shamed by our cultural obsession with diets that we have an unhealthy feeling about sugar and all sweets.

We don’t have to abandon all sugar and all sweets forever. But we do commit to severely restricting it during every IGNITE™ cycle and whenever we go on a partial IGNITE…like when we are eating only protein for dinner. Going off sugar helps us release our cravings and regulate our blood sugar.

As we seriously restrict sugar from time to time, we begin to recognize how different foods affect our body. It becomes easier to make wiser choices based on how we feel when we’re eating sweets.

Sweets don’t have to be totally taboo if we can learn to manage them with Xyngular products and systems so that the occasional indulgence doesn’t completely sabotage our fitness goals.

Sugar is interesting in the way it can ignite our cravings and throw our blood sugar level so out of control that it becomes almost impossible to control our portions and make wise food choices. By severely restricting sugars and placing different limitations on ourselves, we begin to identify which sugar-laden products we can handle and which ones we need to completely eliminate from our kitchen, our car, or our desk drawer.

We start by noticing how particular sugary products affects us. We all know a few people who can walk away after eating a handful of M&Ms and those who have to devour the whole bag.

With every type of sweets we have, we can ask ourselves, “If I have a reasonable amount, do I instantly crave more? Do I feel exhausted a half hour later? Do I feel mentally cloudy or a little unwell?” If so, our body probably doesn’t process that particular sweet very well. We need to respect our own body’s individual reaction to sugar and figure out a safe way to enjoy sweets without making ourselves sick. Mindfully going through this exercise won’t make our reaction to the difficult products any easier, but we’ll be able to say “no thanks” more confidently. We’ll have a conscious reason to do it.

There are a few commitments that can help us keep our sugar sanity:

I won’t eat sugar when I’m hungry. A sugary treat on an empty stomach is far more likely to trigger severe cravings, which cause us to eat far more of the treat than we would if we were full.

I will only eat sweets after a meal with significant protein. We’re far less likely to eat a large portion of sweets after a balanced meal. It’s important that the meal have a good low-fat source of protein such as grilled salmon, lean beef, chicken, or turkey. The protein lowers the impact of the sugar on your metabolism.

I will eat differently because I’m saving up for dessert. If we know we’ll want dessert, we need to make sure to stay away from starchy carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and grains. Our dessert will count as our starch.

I will eat only the highest quality sweets. We’ll enjoy our sweets slowly and deliberately, enjoying the flavor, taste, and texture. When we do, we’ll begin to notice high quality sweets. We’ll learn to choose the higher quality chocolate because we have discriminating taste buds. We don’t want to waste our valuable calories or our money on anything inferior.

I will give up the guilt. Guilt and shame are never good weight loss motivators in ourselves or others. They will most often inspire us to eat more, not less. When we talk of sweets as poison or completely forbidden, we can feel that we have to sneak them. Sneaking leads to obsessive thoughts and very poor choices. If we can decide to live in mindful moderation with sweets, we can control them rather than letting them control us.

I will have a plan. We can handle our cravings, even surprising ones, by anticipating that we’ll have them. If we know ahead of time that our body reacts to sugar by craving more and more, we can have a plan ready to help our body metabolize all that sugar. We can load on some welcome protein with a LEAN Shake. We can go on a day or two of IGNITEâ„¢. We can even do something else that feels good and takes our mind off the urge to eat the whole pint of ice cream, like taking a relaxing bath.

Many ideas for this and the other articles in this series were gathered from suggestions by Kathy Smith, a well-known fitness icon who has led the charge for exercising, losing weight, and eating healthy for over 30 years.


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“I posted my weight loss once on Facebook and got 27 responses”

I was introduced to Xyngular January 8, 2012, by my friend Dixie.

I have previously had stomach issues with ulcers and hernias. After being hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer in October 2011, my doctor told me something had to change. He said no more coffee, soda, spicy food, and a whole list of things. I couldn’t believe it. I lived for my pot of coffee and spicy food every day! I had three different meds they wanted me to take. I filled only one out of the three and took it for a week. Of course it didn’t do anything for me. So I went 10 miserable days with a horrible headache from caffeine withdrawl.

I knew I had to do this for my health. Since October 2011 I guess you could say I have been “Going Green”! I started cooking much healthier, using organic products, using essential oils to treat my kids colds and fevers, etc. So when Dixie told me about this new product that was all natural, I was all about learning more! I became a Distributor that night!

My first day of IGNITE™ I had so much energy, and I felt fantastic! I lost 7 pounds and 7 inches!

I posted once on Facebook and got 27 responses! I was overwhelmed, I had no idea what I was doing let alone telling someone else what to do! I called Kristi Welch. Can I just say she is a saint!

She calmed me down, and helped me do conference calls and tastings. My first 30 days Kristi helped me understand the business end of Xyngular. I posted my husband’s results on Facebook and had another huge response! People are loving Xyngular because its all natural and because it is quick weight loss!

Xyngular has changed my life! I have a ton of energy without having to drink a pot of coffee every day! This product has made me a better wife, mom, friend … an overall better person.

I love to share Xyngular with everyone I know and everywhere I go! There are people in this world, who think if the doctor tells them to take a pill, they have to be on it without asking questions or trying to get healthier so they can go off it. I want those people to know that we don’t necessarily have to live on pharmaceutical meds with all their side effects the rest of our lives. There are natural products out there like Xyngular’s, and they’re “AmaXYNG”!

- Cacye Freyensee


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